What do I need to bring?

As a minimum we recommend the following: boots, appropriate clothing and equipment for our photography courses and guided mountain walks –

Walking boots and clothing:

Walking boots – We will be walking on rough and uneven ground so recommend walking boots that provide good ankle support. Walking boots provide better ankle support when compared to low cut walking/trail shoes. Boots will also keep your feet drier in wet and boggy terrain.

Suitable hill walking clothes (no jeans/demin) – A layering system works best. A base layer that wicks away moisture and perspiration, mid-layers to provide insulation and keep you warm and an outer layer to protect you from the wind and rain.

Essential Equipment:

Below is a list of the essential kit you need to take.

  • Rucksack (approx. 30 litres) with waterproof liner.
  • Reliable waterproof jacket and trousers
  • Spare warm clothing – several thin layers are more versatile than one thick layer
  • Warm hat and gloves
  • First aid kit with blister treatments (and personal medication)
  • Water bottle /hydration system/flask of hot drink
  • Packed lunch and snacks – we will have several stops to refuel during the course of the day
  • Head torch (with spare batteries)
  • Suncream and sunglasses

Optional Equipment: Gaiters, walking poles, camera and binoculars

Money for possible visit to café or pub

Hints, tips and tricks:

  • Rucksacks are not 100% waterproof so use dry-bags to pack your kit and keep it dry. Dry-bags are available in a range of sizes and also help you organise your gear.
  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone and keep it in a waterproof bag (dry bag). To preserve battery life turn it to ‘airplane mode’.
  • Pre-register your mobile phone with the emergency servicse so in an emergency you can text 999 in a low signal area. Here’s how to register your mobile phone number with the emergency services.
  1. Send the word ‘register’ in an SMS message to 999
  2. You will then receive an SMS message about the service
  3. When you have read the SMS message reply by sending ‘yes’ in an SMS message to 999
  4. You will receive a SMS message telling you that your mobile phone is registered or if there is a problem with your registration.