Mountain Explorer’s Booking Terms and Conditions


  • Bookings are confirmed once a 50% deposit or full payment has been received.
  • Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Fees and Cancellations

  • Your deposit is non-refundable. However, if you have to cancel you may rearrange your booking for an alternative and available date within 12 months of the original booking.
  • The balance of the fee will be due one calendar month before the start of the course/guiding/holiday. If the booking is made within a month of the course/guiding/holiday, please send the full fee with the booking form.
  • If you cancel one calendar month before the start date, we will provide a full refund minus the deposit.
  • If you cancel within a calendar month of the start date we will expect you to pay the full fee as arranged and claim from your insurance company as appropriate.
  • If we cancel for any reason, we will refund all your money.


Mountain Explorer will:

  • Maintain high standards of client care and safety. However, the nature of hill walking and mountaineering means that risk can only be managed and minimised and not eliminated.
  • For safety reasons Mountain Explorer may vary the course location and itinerary, these variations are most likely due to weather conditions. Mountain Explorer will however, make every effort to stay as true to the booking as possible.

You, as the client:

  • Understand that hill walking can involve an element of risk of injury or death.* You agree to take responsibility for your own actions and will observe the safety instructions and guidance given by your guide.
  • Acknowledge that mountain conditions can vary and change quickly and that you will come suitably dressed and equipped.**

All bookings are made on the basis that clients are physically fit (see course descriptions), will arrive suitably dressed and equipped and will observe the safety instructions given by the guide. Failure to do so may result in the non-refundable termination of the course or activity.

Medical conditions, injuries or anything else that may affect your ability on the course must be declared on your booking form, and anything that occurs after you have submitted your booking must be discussed with your guide so that he can ensure your wellbeing as much as possible.

​*  More information on safety and risk in climbing and mountaineering can be found here on the BMC website.) 

** A recommended equipment list is provided here on Mountain Explorer’s website.

Personal Property

  • Mountain Explorer accepts no responsibility for a client’s personal property that may be lost or damaged while on an activity.
  • Equipment loaned to the client that is damaged through maltreatment must be paid for in full.

Privacy Policy

  • ​By submitting this booking you agree to Mountain Explorer’s Privacy Policy.
  • We often take photos or short video footage to give to clients after their course, and to use as marketing material on our website/social media platforms. Please inform Mountain Explorer beforehand if you do not wish us to use your image for these purposes. If you would like to discuss this please e-mail


  • We recommend that you have suitable insurance cover – standard holiday insurance does not normally cover adventurous activities. The BMC and Snowcard both offer flexible packages at competitive rates for a wide variety of activities.

Mountain Explorer Booking Terms and Conditions – April 2020