Mountain Photography Gallery

Our mountain photography gallery displays original images that capture the grandeur, beauty and atmosphere of the mountains. Our mountain images are available as prints or a high resolution download (Jpeg). Prints are provided in a range of sizes and the price includes worldwide delivery. Prints can be displayed at home on a wall, desk or bookshelf and make unique and interesting gifts for all occasions.

Mountain photograph of Pen-y-Fan and Cribyn from Fan-y-Big - Brecon Beacons. Mountain photography gallery

The Lake District

This mountain photography gallery contains original mountain photographs which capture the beauty, grandeur and atmosphere of the Lake District. The pictures were taken by mountain photographer Lathan Ball and the gallery is updated regularly.

Lake District gallery

Britain’s Wild Places – Brecon Beacons

This mountain photography gallery contains mountain photographs from the Brecon Beacons national park. The Brecon Beacons is home to the instantly recognisable Pen y Fan (886m/2,907ft) the highest mountain in southern Britain.

Brecon Beacons gallery

Britain’s Wild Places – Snowdonia

This mountain photography gallery contains mountain photographs from Snowdonia – the first national park in Wales. Snowdonia contains 15 mountains which are over 3000ft high.

Snowdonia Gallery

Mountain Art Gallery

One of my favourite mountain photographs was taken in 1982 during a stormy and atmospheric ascent of Sgorr Dhearg (1024m), above Ballachulish in Scotland. For many years the enlarged framed print hung on my dining room wall and raised two questions from those who viewed it. Was that a colour photograph and was the mountaineer ascending or descending the ridge. Both questions are easy to answer. First, what looks like a monochrome print is the original non-manipulated colour image. Secondly, the climber is going up but taking care to keep away from the edge – not wanting to be photographed as he plunges through the overhanging snow (cornice). For me this picture confirmed my love and began my life-long interest in mountain photography and therefore deserves a special spot on my website. To see more of my mountain pictures please visit the Mountain Photographer TM website gallery.  The images are available to buy as simple prints and limited edition offers in a range of sizes and formats.


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